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Scalextric Slot City at Scotland’s Spring Fair


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Slot City assisted Pamela Mann Ltd to show their Tartan Legwear during the Scotland’s Spring Trade Fair this weekend, which co-incided with Robert Burn’s Night!!! Which meant I (Mr Slot City) got an invitation from the Lord Provost to attend a civic reception at the magnificent City Chambers G2 1DU Glasgow. Whilst at the show I had the pleasure to meet some truly delightful and warm hearted people also exhibiting their products!!!!

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Thank you Duncan Baxter of Lomond (Publishers and wholesale booksellers) for the coffee, a your company at the civic reception!!

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Chris Davies 1956-2010



Our thoughts are with his boys, family and friends: and We, the World, the Universe and the World of Scalextric and Hornby will miss him.


Sad day!


Scalextric 2010 New Slot cars



New Scalextric cars for 2010:-
C3047A Brawn GP, C3055A Gulf Oil Aston Martin twin pack, C3058A Jaguar D Type and Mercedes SLR Le Mans twin pack, C3091A James Bond Aston Martin DB5, C3043 McLaren F1 2010 Lewis, C3046 McLaren F1 2010 Button, C3048 Brawn GP 2009, C3051 Ferrari 2009, C3052 Ferrari 2009, C3045 Audi R8 GT3, C3078 Lamborghini, C3079 Porsche 997, C3080 Ferrari F430 GT, C3010 Mercedes Benz 722GT, C3011 Peugeot 908, C3060 Audi R8 GT3 (Detailed), C3063 Aston Martin DBR9, C3081 Jaguar XKR GT3 2010, C3082 Pro Performance DBR9, C3083 Pro Performance Chevrolet Impala SS, C3084 Porsche 911, C3085 Ferrari F430 GT2, C3086 Porsche RS Spyder, C3088 Ford GT, C3103 Mini Cooper S, C3067 Ferrari F430, C3068 Subaru Police Car, C3069 Top Gear Lamborghini, C3070 Top Gear Nissan GT-R, C3071 Top Gear Porsche 997, C3072 Nissan GT-R, C3073 Mini Cooper, C3074 Porsche 997, C3075 Lamborghini, C3131 Jaguar XKR GT4, C3132 Porsche 997 XXX, C3134 Audi R8 GT3, C3135 lamborghini, C3044 1966 Dodge Charger “DUKES OF HAZARD”, C3106 1970 Camaro, C3107 Mustang, C3108 Camaro, C3090 Focus WRC, C3089 Aston Martin DBS, C3133 Caterham R500, C3136 Ford GT-R, C3061 Ferrari 250 GTO, C3062 Ferrari 308 GTB, C3092 Lotus 49, C3093 Caterham, C3094 Williams FW15C, C3095 McLaren MP4-6, C3096 Cortina, C3097 GT40, C3098 Ferrari 330 P4, C3099 Escort MKI, C3100 Mini, C3101 Holden L34, C3102 Eagle.