Scalextric have advised the retailers of their 2009 Range. This is always subject to change, and the date of expected release (Guideline only), is on our web site under each car listing. To view the car listings just click on “Future releases” on the left hand side of the home page, then enter by clicking “SCALEXTRIC” then “CARS”. The photographs used are for illustration only, and liveries and colours will be added to the web site as and when we are given them by Scalextric. Hornby, along with other manufacturers around the world have suffered price wise with the situation in China. Raw materials costs, energy costs and the cost of labour in some provinces have increased by as much as 55%. I believe that Hornby (Scalextric) have taken a realistic view of this and this is reflected in the prices for 2009. The effect of the Dollar and Euro will also have series consequences for all the slot car manufactures weather they make in Europe, Near or the Far East in 2009, and this will be reflected in their prices during this the penultimate decade year.  


Scalextric 2009 summery


Twin Pack




Single Seaters

Lewis 2009 #1

Hiekki 2009 #2

Renault 2009 x 2

Ferrari 2008


Super Resist

Gallardo GT DPR

Ferrari F430 GT DPR

Nissan GT-R Drift

Nissan GT-R (Non Drift)

Mini Cooper DPR


Endurance Full Spec

Jaguar XKR GT3 DPR

Top Gear Stig Aston DPR

Top Gear Stig Mercedes SLR

Top Gear Ford GT

Nissan GT-R DPR x 2

722 GT Mercedes SLR

Peugeot 908 DPR

Ferrari F430 GT2 DPR

Jaguar XKRS

Aston DBR9 DPR

Porsche Spyder DPR


Dodge Viper


Touring Cars

Mini Cooper S DPR

BMW 320si WTCC



Nothing announced.


Street Cars

Alfa Romeo Police DPR

Aston Martin DPR

Ford GT



Ford Mustang FR500C DPR

Ford Mustang


Camero x 2


Classic Collection

Ferrari 250 GTO DPR

Ferrari 308 GTB DPR

Lotus Cortina DPR

Mercedes Coupe DPR

Ford GT40

Ferrari 330 P4

Escort MKI

Holden L34 Torana DPR

Lotus 49


Ferrari 156 (Yellow)


This information is provided by Hornby Hobbies Limited and is a guideline, and is subject to change, and some items may not be manufactured, if this is the case Slot City will undertake to inform you.