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(Scalextric W10472) Rear Wing (Lightning GT)
(Scalextric W10472) Rear Wing (Lightning GT)
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Scalextric Sport+ Performance Parts   Date: Wednesday 04 January, 2006
This article is an introduction to the new range of Scalextric Sport+ performance spares. As the range has not yet been released the information contained here is based on pre-release information provided by Scalextric and is subject to change.

Click here to view or download a PDF version of the Scalextric Sport+ Tuning Guide.

The first and most important point we need to make about the performance spares is the size of the axles. Whilst the standard axles fitted to Scalextric cars (and most other brands as well) are 3/32" in diameter, the performance axles are 3mm in diameter. To be able to fit the 3mm axles to Scalextric cars you need to use them in conjunction with the new performance bearings (more info below).

As a result of the different axle diameter, some of the other performance spares can only be used in conjunction with the 3mm axles - contrate / spur gears, hubs and bearings. All other parts can be used on cars with either type of axle fitted.


- (Scalextric C8421) SP Motor 20K RPM
- (Scalextric C8422) SP Motor 25K RPM
- (Scalextric C8423) SP Motor 30K RPM
- (Scalextric C8424) FF Motor 20K RPM
- (Scalextric C8425) FF Motor 25K RPM
- (Scalextric C8426) FF Motor 30K RPM

The motors are designed as straight replacements for those fitted as standard in Scalextric cars. The two different types of motor are used in cars as follows:
- FF (or Moto GP) Motors, these are used in all of the Moto GP bikes, all new model Formula 1 cars (from the 2004 Renault and Williams releases onwards) and all new model F1 Classic cars (from the 2005 Cooper Climax and Ferrari Sharknose releases onwards).
- SP (or Mabuchi S) motors, these are used in all other cars (and have been for the last 10 years).

The different RPM ratings refer to the speed of the motor, with standard Scalextric motors being rated at 18K RPM. Whilst there is obviously a temptation to just go with the fastest motor, this will not always be the best option - different circuits and driving styles may be more suited to to slower motors.

Fitting a new motor is relatively easy but it does require some minor soldering to connect the wires. You also need to fit the pinion, we strongly advise using the new Sport Gear Puller for doing this (if you don't already have a similar tool).


- (Scalextric C8402) Assorted Pinions (x5) For SP Motor
- (Scalextric C8403) Assorted Pinions (x5) For FF Motor

Each pack contains five different pinions, one each of 8/9/10/11/12 tooth. The pinions can be used on any Scalextric motors, not just the performance motors.

Removing and fitting pinions to motor shafts can be difficult without the right tool. The new Scalextric Sport Gear Puller (see below), makes removing and fitting pinions a lot easier and we recommend getting one if you don't have one already.

Changing the size (ie the tooth count) of the pinion alters the gearing of a car which in turn has a major effect on the way it performs. For more details on this please see the section on gearing ratio below.

Contrate / Spur Gears

- (Scalextric C8404) Assorted Contrate Gears (x5)
- (Scalextric C8405) Assorted Spur Gears (x5)

Each pack contains five gears, one each of 25/26/27/28/29 tooth for the contrate gears and one each of 34/35/36/37/38 tooth for the spur gears.

The contrate / spur gears are the larger gears on the rear axle. Contrate gears are used with inline mounted motors, and sit in the middle of the rear axle. Spur gears are used with sidewinder mounted motors, and sit at one end of the rear axle.

Whilst standard gears are simply pushed on to the rear axles, the performance gears are held in place by small screws - making them a lot easier to change. An allen key for these screws is included with each pack of gears.

The new performance contrate and spur gears can only be used with the new performance 3mm axles. They are not compatible with the axles fitted as standard to Scalextric cars (or any 3/32" axles).

Changing the size (ie the tooth count) of the contrate / spur gear alters the gearing of a car which in turn has a major effect on the way it performs. For more details on this please see the section on gearing ratio below.

Gearing Ratio

The gearing ratio of a car is worked out by dividing the number of teeth on the contrate / spur gear by the number of teeth on the pinion. So a contrate gear with 30 teeth and a pinion with 10 teeth will give a gearing ratio of 3 (30 divided by 10).

A lower ratio will give the car slower acceleration but a faster top speed, whilst a higher ratio will give faster acceleration but a slower top speed.

So if your circuit has a lot of twists and only short straights a higher ratio will be more suited. If the circuit has a lot of long straight sections a lower ratio will be more suited. This is very much a case of trial and error though, until you find the best ratio for your circuit and your driving style.


- (Scalextric C8413) Le Mans Style Rubber Tyres (x4)
- (Scalextric C8414) F1 Style Rubber Tyres (x4)
- (Scalextric C8415) Classic Style Rubber Tyres (x4)
- (Scalextric C8416) Rally Style Rubber Tyres (x4)
- (Scalextric C8417) Mini Style Rubber Tyres (x4)
- (Scalextric C8418) NASCAR Style Rubber Tyres (x4)

Each tyre is designed to fit on the same type of performance hub, ie Le Mans tyres fit the Le Mans hubs. However, in most cases they can also be used on the same style of standard hub fitted to cars. This is especially the case with the Mini and Nascar tyres, which do not have a suitable performance hub (at present).


- (Scalextric C8409) Le Mans Style Hubs (x2) + Rubber Tyres (x2)
- (Scalextric C8410) F1 Style Hubs (x2) + Rubber Tyres (x2)
- (Scalextric C8411) Classic Style Hubs (x2) + Rubber Tyres (x2)
- (Scalextric C8412) Rally Style Hubs (x2) + Rubber Tyres (x2)

Each pack contains two hubs and two rubber tyres. They are sold in packs of two rather than four, as they are designed for use only on the axle that powers the car, as this is the most important for increasing performance.

Most cars are rear wheel drive so it is really only important to upgrade the rear axle (and hubs, tyres). On front wheel drive cars it is the front axle which should be upgraded, and on four wheel drive cars both axles.

The new performance hubs can only be used with the new performance 3mm axles. They are not compatible with the axles fitted as standard to Scalextric cars (or any 3/32" axles).

Whilst the hubs are designed to be used on the style of car stated, they can in theory be used on any other car (with 3mm axles fitted) provided there is enough space in the wheel arch and if there is enough ground clearance.

Whilst standard hubs are simply pushed on to the rear axles, the performance hubs are held in place by small screws - making them a lot easier to change. Each pack of hubs includes screws and an allen key.

Axles + Bearings

- (Scalextric C8406) Assorted 3mm Axles (x5)
- (Scalextric C8407) 3mm Axle Brass Bush Bearings (x4)
- (Scalextric C8408) 3mm Axle Ball Race Bearings (x2)

Probably the biggest difference in the performance range of spares is the axle, as they are a different diameter (3mm) to those fitted to standard cars (3/32").

To fit 3mm axles to a standard car, you need to first fit new bearings which are designed for 3mm axles. There are two different types of bearings available. Whilst the brass bush bearings are suitable for all cars, the ball race bearings are only suitable for selected cars. The ball race bearings offer increased performance, but they are also more expensive.

The axles and bearings are designed to be used only on the axle that powers the car (so rear on a rear wheel drive, front on a front wheel drive and both on a four wheel drive). To use them on a non drive axle will require some modifications to the car, as non drive axles are mounted differently on Scalextric cars - without bearings.

Everything Else

- (Scalextric C8401) Sport Gear Puller
- (Scalextric C8419) Motor Carrier Le Mans Sport
- (Scalextric C8420) Round Guide Pack + Spring
- (Scalextric C8427) Magnets Mixed (x5)
- (Scalextric C8428) Silicon Motor Wire

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